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Ozone Edge V8

The Ozone Edge V8 is at the top of the line when it comes to performance; if you like to go fast and boost massive classic style airs this kite is all about you.

Whether your passion is action packed freeride, big air, foil boarding or racing the Edge delivers high performance in all conditions. A stable yet highly efficient profile yields progressive power delivery and generous boost when you send it. This directly translates to all-round performance on a racecourse allowing you to point higher upwind and lower downwind, all while going faster!

Over the season Ozone have fine-tuned the Edge working on new bridle configurations enhancing the new Edge V8 with a smoother feel on the bar and improved handling characteristics. The Edge V8 is incredibly predictable; learning new big air moves or nailing those foil board and race board tacks has never been easier.

If you like to send it for big air and hang time the Edge packs an awesome punch, putting you higher and for longer than you can imagine. The speed and power are easily converted into height, and its high performance airfoil gives you plenty of fl oat which extends your air time. If you like going really big, then hit a small wave at full speed, send it at the same time and Ozone guarantee you will be higher than you have ever been!

The Edge is not only a freeride performance machine. In the Race scene it has more than proven its pedigree, consistently helping riders take the top three steps of Championship podiums all over the world. Results speak for themselves and the Edge has more than any other 'race kite'.

The beauty of the Edge is that anyone can enjoy its performance, not just racers. It is a great light wind kite on a twin tip because of its amazing power generation. You can frequently ride the 9m while other riders are struggling with 12m kites, and as soon as the wind picks up you then have a boost machine!

The Edge high aspect ratio and thin section helps it slice through the air allowing for outstanding upwind performance and speed. Smooth and progressive feel in the bar with direct precise handling adds up to the ultimate ride for anyone performance driven.

This is Ozone's high performer designed to let you rip fast and send you high, the Ozone Edge has a high aspect ratio and super thin leading edge and struts making it very fast and with amazing hangtime. The Ozone Edge also keeps the familiar feel of previous versions with good unhooked ability, great in the gusts and a big wind range. This kite is for the focused kitesurfer.

High aspect ratio 4-line flat kite with One-Pump and 5 struts!

The Ozone Edge's design keeps within the feel of the Ozone family, with its gust control and huge wind range yet it has the potential to take the rider to the next level and beyond. With the ability to spend more time in the air the rider will have more time to master tricks, hooked in or unhooked. For those interested in full on speed, the Edge will see you reaching that 50 knot barrier.

Ozone Edge V8 5m
€1,066.04 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 6m
€1,112.44 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 7m
€1,177.40 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 8m
€1,216.84 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 9m
€1,286.44 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 10m
€1,321.24 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 11m
€1,356.04 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 13m
€1,460.44 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 15m
€1,588.04 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 17m
€1,680.84 Euro
Ozone Edge V8 19m
€1,889.64 Euro

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