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Ozone Enduro 2016

The Ozone Enduro bridges the gap between freeriding, freestyle and wave riding. It incorporates an Open-C shape and a swept arc, delivering a large wind range, direct response, amazing handling, boost for jumping and drift in the waves.

For Freeriders, the Ozone Enduro V1 excels no matter what board you choose to ride on the day. From twintip, surfboard or foil board the smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

In the Waves, the handling, de-power and drift opens up a world of opportunity and for surf freestyle the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and airborne tricks easy to learn and land. The Enduro V1 is not as dedicated a wave kite as the Ozone Reo, but it still delivers a solid wave riding performance more suited to tricks.

The Ozone Enduro V1 also makes freestyle progress fun and easy from your first unhooked moves, kite loops and right up to advanced unhooked riding. The Enduro V1 delivers accessible pop and drop making learning technical moves and handle passes easier, without needing to be as aggressive in your riding compared with a C-kite such as the Ozone C4.

Ozone Enduro 2016 4m
€834.04 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 6m
€926.84 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 7m
€1,038.20 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 8m
€1,077.64 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 9m
€1,112.44 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 10m
€1,158.84 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 12m
€1,228.44 Euro
Ozone Enduro 2016 14m
€1,298.04 Euro

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