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Ozone Zephyr v5

The Ozone Zephyr V5 is a lightwind specific kite designed with a high performance profile and a focus on weight saving. The Ozone Zephyr delivers the same superior handling, power, feel and control as you have come to expect from Ozone.

The latest generation Zephyr incorporates elements of the performance dominating Edge V8 along with the ease of the previous Zephyr to fly and relaunch. New ultra-strong lightweight bladders have also been incorporated into the Zephyr V5, reducing weight and improving light wind performance even further with lighter steering and faster turns.

The Zephyr is the ideal kite for any rider wishing they could ride in Light winds or for heavy riders looking for the ultimate large size kite with a huge wind range!

The Ozone Zephyr V5 will allow you to ride when you should be mowing the grass! It pulls like a boat and remains stable even when you miss a pass not looping you off down the beach.

The 2016 model has a crisp powerful feeling and a very direct positive bar feel, with instant power delivery compared to the previous model. The new plan form, profile and sail tension help control the surfaces which gives the Zephyr a more cohesive feel. All these performance enhancements make it perfect for practicing new school moves or just cruising, kite loops are made easy and the boost is impressive while floaty.

If you blow a trick and the kite ends up on the water, it still amazes a fantastic effortless water relaunch even in sub 10 knot winds! If you dial the trick on a Zephyr you're will be away laughing once the wind picks up and you're throwing down the same on your 10m kite.

Historically big kites don't loop, the Zephyr 2017 though has got this sorted without the need for troublesome pulleys.

Even if you're out there and the wind picks up, no worries, continue to load that rail and boost some air. Long live the stylish boned out snowboard grabs. Enjoy that extra loft and chuck in a vert-skating board off!

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