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Ozono R1 V3 Foil Kite

Our understanding of True Performance is not just raw power or speed - it’s the combination of every aspect of the kites characteristics, and most importantly how easy it is to access its full potential.

The R1 V3 is derived from the very successful R1 V2. The race winning performance of the V2 is very easy to tap into which has made it the benchmark kite in the racing scene.

We have pulled out all the stops with the design of the V3, taking it to the next level without compromising accessibility to its supercharged performance.

- The Leading Edge now benefits from Double Transversal Shaping creating a cleaner surface on the most important area of the aerofoil.
- Our newly developed Internal Low-Drag Line Attachments reduce parasitic drag to a minimum without compromising strength.
- Recalculated bridal line diameters reduce overall line drag by 14%.
- The rib cross-ports have been maximised to improve internal airflow resulting in better inflation.
- For the 15m-21m sizes the rib material specification has been updated to the lightest available on the market.

The result of these performance-enhancing features is a kite that creates less drag, which gives the hard-core racer:

- Better angles up and down wind
- Higher top end and lower bottom end range
- Lighter kite feeling, more responsive handling
- Increased stability in light wind conditions
- Quicker inflation
- Smaller packing sizes for easy traveling

To be hyper competitive in light winds we have added an 18m and 21m to the range.

- The R1 V3 is for advanced riders only who have previous foil kite experience. It is not difficult to fly but there are techniques required to fly a high aspect ratio foil kite.
- The R1 V3 materials have been used extensively on the R1 V2, Ultra Light Kites and Paragliders for the past five years. The kite must be carefully looked after, it needs an experienced rider who knows how to keep the kite up in the air and how to handle it gently on the ground.
- The kite is water re-launchable, but we recommend that you keep it flying and out of the water if possible! A drainage system on the wing tip allows any water that may have entered the kite to drain out. Do not use the kite in waves.
- Always use a Brake Handle when flying a foil kite. This is the handle/line spanned between the back leader lines on the control system. This easy to grab handle makes inflation, self-landing and reverse launch easier.
- This kite features a simple yet effective front line flag out release. After releasing the flag out you should check the speed system, bridle lines and your flying lines for twists before restart.
- The Speed System and Bridle lines will require maintenance just like any high performance equipment in racing sports - they must be checked after every 60 hours flying time, and maintained in the correct trim or the kite will not perform as designed. Bridle Lines that are worn or not to factory specification (+ or - 15mm) must be replaced. Speed System lines that are worn must be replaced. If the Speed System lines are not worn, but are not to factory specifications (+ or - 15mm) you must adjust back to factory spec. You must watch the How To video before adjusting or replacing Speed System lines

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