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North MONO 2016 kitesurf kite review test

The new North kiteboarding MONO 2016 is a new single (one) strut from North kites. Rather than having the usual 3 or 5 struts the MONO is configured to only have one single strut. This allows a clearer canopy – great for developing low end power. It flys very similar to the North Neo kitesurf kite, is able to run using the quad 4 line setup or the 5th element 5-line setup. The leading edge is slightly thicker in diameter than the other North kites such as the Dice and EVO, and the canopy is made from many individual sections to keep the shape. Good use of dacron throughout the design ensures strength and stability of the design. On the water as expected it is a great generator of power. There is a slight flap from the leading edge when looping the kite (as expected from any one strut kite) but the stability and consistency of the turning is remarkable. Who’s it for? Those looking for simplicity and of course those looking for a great value kitesurf kite from a premium brand. Call us now on 01243 671777 to order!

North 2016 MONO kitesurf kite best price

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