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Kitesurf Foiling.. What’s it all about?

Kite foiling is storming the market at present, but why has it become so popular in the past 2 years, when old style foils such as the Carafino ones from way back never managed?
The sudden success of kitefoiling in the UK has equipment from BBR quite literally flying off the shelves and we now take a brief pause to see what has happened to produce such an effect. For sure the kites available haven’t changed that much, we see people starting to foil using pretty much every kite available, from North Evo’s to Ozone Chronos. So it’s the foils themselves that have changed.
Even in the last year the techonology has been reversed, some might say ‘dumbed down’ from what experts require to that which mere mortals can learn to kite foil on. The advent of foils such as the P-foil from Shinn have allowed complete beginners to master the basics of foiling in a single session, yet will even keep a competent kitesurfer entertained. Years back we played around with an aluminium foil mast and simply cut it in half to reduce the height and therefore reduce the angle of impact of the kiteboard to the water allowing mistakes to be “saved”, giving the effect of spending more time on the kitesurf board rather than swimming. This method has also become popular with many kite brands offering shorter foil masts now.
For sure it is even easier to learn to kitesurf foil this year than any other in history and more for informtion nd advice on the correct gear to use, please email or call us at Bracklesham Boardriders so we can advise you on your new purchase and get you flying as quickly as possible

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