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North Rebel 2018

So here we are again, another year goes by, another Rebel kite is released by North Kiteboarding. So what’s really different in 2018?
Well the main talking point regarding the the 2018 North Rebel kite is the move away from a 5th line system, allowing the Rebel 2018 for the first time ever to be used on a 4 line (Quad) trust bar setup. So does this affect the kite at all? We think even a North Rebel purist would struggle to notice the subtle differences when the kite is in the air. It still retains is very positive bar feedback and the Rebel boots and provides hangtime that it is renown for. On the ground, well the 2018 Rebel loses the 5th line ( although it still has the noseline attachment provided should you want to run it on 5th line), and to make up for this has a small bridle setup. Nothing huge or too complicated, but that leading edge of the kite needed to get support from somewhere.
What many haven’t noticed is that the canopy material has also changed to the Trinty material, having more reinforcement in only the direction required, so reducing excess material weight in the kite.
2018 is going to be a great year for the North Rebel, we look forwards to your feedback and reviews.

For more information on the < 2018 North Rebel here >.

The North Rebel 2018:

The 2018 North Rebel from North Kiteboarding

The 2018 North Rebel from North Kiteboarding

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