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New Kitesurfing Releases

After a winter that has seemed never ending, the temps are increasing and the wind is back!
But, did you miss out on the new releases? The new gear from North kiteboarding has been released over the past few months, including the North MONO 2018 kite, the North ACE 2018 foil kite, the North Dyno is back into the lineup again for 2018 (who’d have thought!) and the new North Juive 2018 has also just come out! Struggling to get to grips with the North kiteboarding range of kites? then simply give us a call as we are completley familiar with the whole range!

Also released are the new foil setups from Shinn. This includes the K-wing, the mega-K wing and 2 new rear stabilisers. The P-wing carries on unchanged, however the rear stabiliser to go with it has further increased in size to provide even more pitch stability. The K wing sits right inbetween the f-wing and the p-wing hence why its called the k!), as an incredibly versatile kitesurfing foilboard “allrounder”. Its gets going nice and early and great fun to ride, yet can hold its own at speed if thats your thing. The Mega K gets up ridiculously early and is for super lightwind riding, and can also be attahced to a surfboard or sup if thats your thing.
For more info on the Shinn range please get in contact.

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