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Prolimit 2019 Vapor Hardback Kite Waist Harness

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Harness Size:

The Prolimit Vapor hardback harness is the most technically advanced harness in our range, It is designed for maximum support and comfort during fully powered-up riding. The moulded hardback handles the high kite loads we looked for the perfect material to use in this load bearing part. We found a unique, patented material, called PURE, that was developed in the Netherlands and is ideal for watersports applications.

PURE is a patented 100% polypropylene material, which is fully recyclable. The extruded strands are woven and heat fused in a mold to form a matrix that offers excellent strength and stiffness. Containing no carbon it is friendly to the body and the environment. The material is 100% recyclable and is solvent resistant and stable. PURE® material has a high stiffness and low density (0.78 g/cm3; for comparison: Water is approx. 0,99 g/cm3) Therefore lighter than water and the PURE material floats.

The friendly fibers in PURE can not crack and splinter, and works with traditional stitched assembly without destroying stitching as seen on some competitors models.

Design and Mk5 plate:

The Vapor’s unique design means the harness stays where its meant to stay, regardless of load angle on the spreader bar. We use the hardback in combo with our Mk 5 load plate to customize the stiffness, flex and shaping. The Mk 5 plate builds on our 3D ergo shaped plate design which has evolved over 20 years. The back section stays perfectly stable no matter how lit you are, and the side sections are perfectly shaped to grip the body without sliding, yet it flexes to change shape with the human body as it moves. The rib are is protected by the correct shape and flex, and is further cushioned by the neoprene soft-edge.

Unique spreader bar:

The Vapor uses the FATBAR version of our patented pin-release spreader bar. A fat, 32mm tube is rolled into this solid, flex free spreader bar to match the hardback’s ability to handle more power. The pin-release system is quick, easy and safe. This makes it the market leader in spreader bar systems. The system allows for quick engagement and release without the need to loosen and then readjust the webbing straps. The Fatbar is locked into our own slide-in barpad. The barpad completely interlocks on both sides of the harness body and stabilizes the spreader bar. There is no movement into the ribs, no matter what the angle of pull.

User rating: 4.4/5 4 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: ProLimit
Status: Available

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