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Prolimit Pure Eve Girl Waist Harness Black/Red (clearance)

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Harness Size:

Prolimit Pure Eve Girl kitesurf Waist Harness Black/Red

The Pure Eve is our moulded ladies harness with medium back support.

True 3D Shaping:

- A standard feature with all of our models, our 3D Shaping system allows the harness to mold perfectly to your body. On our seat models we did this by combining horizontal and vertical shaping with our unique Dual -Axis Contour cut. On our waist models we have horizontal/vertical cut seams to curve the harness to your waistline. Together with our Dual Foam System this ensures that the harness fits snuggly to your body and maximizes load distribution through the entire harness skin.

3 Way Support Neoprene Belt:

- Our absolutely UNIQUE neoprene three way support belt has three functions:
1. In our extreme sports our body is shaken quite heavily, comparable with a Moto-X rider, the belt functions as a kidney belt supporter which gives your body less fatique.
2. Keeps the harness snug and comfortable around your body and in place and pulls completely around your waist.
3. Functions together with the memory tabs for an easy and quick on and off of the harness.
Next to it, it is made out of neoprene with a velcro closure which is way more comfortable than any other belt on the market.

Neoprene Anti Rash Soft Edge:

- To prevent edge tension, rash and discomfort when using a waist harness, we developed the neoprene soft edge. The inside and outside skin of the harness feature a soft covered neoprene edge that flexes easily and covers the traditionally abrasive edge of the harness.

Patented Pin Releasebar System:

- Our patented Pin Release bar is unique for it's easy mounting, it's safe construction without having to re tension the harness bar webbing straps and can be used as a safety feature as well. The Pin takes loads over 450 kg which is more than a human spine can withstand.
All bars are made of high marine grade stainless steel, carefully welded and coated. For kiteboarding harnesses we use a stump nose bar which has a unique shape that reduces inadvertent harness line releases, and keeps you locked in for tweaked maneuvers and toe side riding!t While Windsurfers do want a bar which is easy to unhook.

User rating: 4.4/5 4 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: ProLimit
Status: Available

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