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Slingshot V1 Shred Sled 3 in 1 SUP/Wind/Winging Foil Board

Price: £1,799.00

( €2,086.84 Euro )

Slingshot V1 Shred Sled 3 in 1 SUP/Wind/Winging Foil Board 7'0"


Whether you are looking for your first foil board, your all in one travel stick, or you want the freedom to do 3-sports with 1-board...the Shred Sled is your ticket.

Package Includes:

- Shred Sled board, mounting hardware


- 3-Sports versatility in one compact shape: WING, WINDSURF, SUP+ plenty of float and stability for any rider
- Compact enough to remain agile and playful once you are foiling
- Flat deck for easy transitions and fancy footwork
- Center-line foot-strap inserts with angled front foot for pumping-power and agility
- SUP handle on the bottom of the board leaves a free hand to carry sail, paddle or wing
- Adjustable foil track


- Footstrap Inserts: With angled front foot.
- Windsurf Mast Track
- Adjustable Foil Track: Move your foil forward or back to find your sweet spot depending on size, weight, conditions and foil choice.
- SUP Handle on Bottom of Board Allows you a free hand to carry sail, paddle or wing.
- Kick Tail Aids in pumping the board up onto the foil.
- Chined Rails Beveled edges on the underside give the board earlier release f rom the water and prevents edge contact when you’re on-foil and carving.
- Raised EVA Centerline Indicator Get your feet on the sweetspot without looking down

User rating: 4.5/5 5 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: Slingshot
Status: Available

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