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Tabou Pocket Air 2021 Wing FoilBoard 5'4"

Price: £1,499.00  £1,349.00
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(  €1,564.84 Euro )
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The brand-new platform for your wingfoiling experience – the Pocket Air is devoted to everybody, who wants to either experience winging for the first time or push his limits in the waves and the air. The Pocket Air offers stability and an early take-off with smooth touch downs, allowing riders of all skill levels to enjoy their wingfoiling session, but also manoeuvrability for more advanced riders, who want to foil in swell and go for jumps. Multiple foot strap insert positions add control especially in stronger winds and in combination with the mast track make the Pocket Air the perfect platform for manoeuvre-oriented windfoiling.

- Smooth curvature rocker with flat tail section for early lift-off and smooth touch downs
- Compact outline offers control in the air
- Medium sized tail leads to early take-off, but also easy pop for jumping
- Nose double concave to mono concave to flat tail section on the bottom enables smooth touch downs
- Thick rail with high apex to add volume to a super compact shape for early water release
- Double concave deck makes you feel the centre of the board without looking down and adds comfort
- Multi foot strap inserts for use with double and single front strap
- Mast track allows you to go for a manoeuvre-oriented windfoiling session


- Pocket Air 5’4
Volume 87 l
Length 162 cm
Width 67.5 cm
Weight(*) 7.2 Kg
Box Double US Box

- Pocket Air 5’8
Volume 97 l
Length 177 cm
Width 69 cm
Weight(*) 7.8 Kg
Box Double US Box

- Pocket Air 6’0
Volume 107 l
Length 183 cm
Width 71 cm
Weight(*) 8.1 Kg
Box Double US Box

- Pocket Air 6’2
Volume 117 l
Length 189 cm
Width 73 cm
Weight(*) 8.6 Kg
Box Double US Box

* Estimated Weights. Weights are given (+) plus or (-) minus 10%. This makes allowance for possible pre-production differences.

User rating: 4.7/5 5 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: Tabou
Status: Available

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