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Ensis Score Wingsurf Wind Wing

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The ENSIS wings are well-known for their high performance and the SCORE will amaze you with its power and stability - The canopy is tensioned by design, eliminating flutter when depowering. You’ll appreciate the direct response from your input together with the silence when heading downwind letting the the wing simply fly in the wind by your side.

The SCORE is for everyone who wants to feel pure passion on the water – from discoverers to the pro. It will get you foiling in barely any wind while staying extremely stable and controllable even in the stormiest conditions - The engineered rigidity of the leading edge and the tensioned canopy give you all the stability and control you need in stormy conditions.

The aspect ratio of each size has been specifically designed to provide both great power, for starts and upwind performance, and uncompromised manoeuvrability -Direct control, stability, a neutral feeling while depowering – all these characteristics of the SCORE support you in your manoeuvres and make them as easy as possible.

The windows consist of an exclusive tempered feature, with perfect elasticity to retain the high performance of the wing.

Supplied with stowage bag.

4.5m only available in Orange now and all other advertised available sizes only available in blue.

User rating: 4.9/5 5 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: Ensis
Status: Available

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