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F-ONE Strike V2 Foil Wing

Price: £1,074.00  £751.80
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(  €872.09 Euro )
Wing Size:

Much more than a wing !

Wing foil sensations are beyond compare. The feeling of freedom you get from being the only connection between the wing and the foil is unique. It is thus essential to make the correct wing choice to enjoy the full experience.

The STRIKE V.2 and its improved design will give you even stronger sensations, no matter your skill level.

- Adaptive Wing Design: Controlled power, Performance and Comfort
- Pre Loaded Canopy: Our unique canopy tension allows the wing to keep its shape at all times
- Perfectly balanced center of traction between your two arms
- Legendary lightness, essential for freefly
- Dynamic stability for a fully controlled ride
- Exceptional forward traction to increase upwind and reduce fatigue
- Extended wind range, guaranteeing performance and control in all your sessions
- New sizes from 2.5m to 5.5m

Adaptive Wing Design:

While the industry trends towards the “all-rigid”, we have developed the Adaptive Wing Design, a unique concept offering the perfect balance between performance and comfort.

It is difficult and uncomfortable to handle a stiff, handheld wing in the high end, especially without a harness. A wing must be able to absorb that power, just like the mast bend or the opening of the leech in windsurfing or the depower in kitesurfing.

The STRIKE V.2’s Adaptive Wing Design transforms every gust into positive energy and enables a perfect control of the traction. This new wing is designed to adapt through a controlled deformation that allows the preservation of a high-performance profile and unprecedented stability throughout the entire range of use.

To reach this result, we worked on the leading edge and modified the shape of the central strut. Its cut is now segmented, allowing for an improved control of its curve and its deformations. We also enhanced the wing’s twist.

Pre Loaded Canopy:

From the beginning, our wings have had a unique canopy tension that can be compared to that of a harden up windsurfing rig. Our wings are therefore “pre-tensioned” and made to adapt. This ideal tension of the trailing edge when riding guarantees much better performances upwind and in light winds.

Center of traction:

Throughout our entire development process, we took great care of the center of traction’s stability, so power’s distribution is always balanced between both arms. The wing is stable and barely requires any adjustments from your front or backhand, thus offering maximum comfort.

User rating: 4.4/5 4 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: F-ONE
Status: Available
MPN: 77221-1001

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