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Duotone EVO Concept Blue 2024

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Introducing the Duotone EVO 2024, the epitome of cutting-edge kitesurfing technology. Engineered for versatility, power, and control, this kite sets a new standard in the world of kiteboarding. Experience the thrill like never before as you soar through the wind with the Duotone EVO.

- The Perfect All-Rounder
- Easy To Jump
- Sheet and Go
- Optimized Construction
- Pulley Less Bridle System
- Multiple Tip Tuning Options

The Evo and the Neo get a sustainable touch for 2024; Concept Blue is a new, more environmental friendly concept that gives you the same great kite and performance you have come to expect across a range of disciplines, coupled with more environment-conscious materials.

The Concept Blue by Duotone Kiteboarding - a revolutionary approach to sustainable product design. What sets Concept Blue apart is its commitment to environmental responsibility without compromising on performance. After introducing Concept Blue in Twintips and surfboards, now also the first two kite models, the Evo and the Neo are getting the Concept Blue treatment.

Key ingredients of Concept Blue in kites include undyed canopy and dacron showcasing the natural color of untainted materials. Please note undyed kites are not simply white kites. By not dying the fabrics, a significant amount of water can be saved during the process!

Areas with undyed fabrics:

- Leading Edge / Dacron
- Canopy
- Trailing Edge
Our savings in numbers:
- Up to 46% less water usage
- Up to 35% energy savings
- Up to 12% CO2 footprint reduction

Both kites embody the core principles of Concept Blue further more by using a bio-based bladder. The bio-based bladder not only reduces carbon footprint by up to 29% but also boasts a remarkable 57% bio-based carbon content, aligning with sustainable practices and measurements.

Moreover, Concept Blue prioritizes the use of recycled plastic in the manufacturing of most plastic parts, with a minimum of 50% post-industrial recycled material incorporated. This initiative not only contributes to reducing plastic waste but also supports a circular economy by repurposing existing materials.

Concept Blue by Duotone Kiteboarding is a testament to the brand's dedication to sustainability and innovation and takes the next step now in kite design. By integrating environmental-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, Concept Blue ensures the same performance, but also promotes a more sustainable future for the sport of kiteboarding. With Concept Blue, Duotone Kiteboarding is leading the way towards a greener, more environmentally conscious approach to kite design and manufacturing.

Price includes Storage bag, Repair kit and Manual.

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