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WingSurf Wings

A great range of easy to use wings perfect for wingsurfing. With many different brands and types of wingfoil wings, please call us to discuss the best option for you. As a guide 90% of customers have started on a wing close to 5m, and this seems to work well for UK conditions.

F-ONE Strike Foil Wing
€1,038.20 Euro
F-ONE Swing V2 Wing Surfer
€810.84 Euro
F-ONE Swing Wing SurferBest Seller
£799.00  £639.20
Save: 20% off

 €741.47 Euro
Duotone Slick Wingsurf Wing
€787.64 Euro
Ozone Wasp V2 Wing SurferBest Seller
£839.00  £713.15
Save: 15% off

 €827.25 Euro
Slingshot Dart V1
€926.84 Euro
Slingshot Slingwing V3
€810.84 Euro
Duotone Foil Wing Unit Wing Surfer
€694.84 Euro
Naish S26 LE WingSurf WingBest Seller
£829.00  £663.20
Save: 20% off

 €769.31 Euro
Naish S26 Matador WingSurf Wing
€892.04 Euro
Naish S26 WingSurf WingBest Seller
€845.64 Euro

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