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WingSurf Boards

A great selection of wingsup boards from beginner to advanced. We only stock wingfoil boards and wings that we are comfortable recommending for sale based on our huge experience and riding of many different Wingfoil boards on the market. Join the Reveloution! No lines, No launch spot limitations, No Fuss! When choosing your wingfoil sup board, the following is what we advise to adjust the volume of the board. Simply adjust by your weight in Kgs. Beginner : Weight +40 Litre, Intermediate : Weight +10 litres, Advanced : Weight -15 litres

F-ONE Rocket Wing V2 FoilBoardBest Seller
€1,392.00 Euro
Fanatic Sky Wingsurf BoardBest Seller
€1,100.84 Euro
Naish 2020 Hover SUP Foil
€1,425.64 Euro
Naish 2020 Hover SUP Foil Carbon Ultra
€1,448.84 Euro
Slingshot 2020 Outwit SUP Foil Board
€1,506.84 Euro

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