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Duotone Kites

Duotone Kiteboarding. True Kiteboarding.
In August of 2018 North Kiteboarding as we knew it changed its name to Duotone Kiteboarding. All Duotone gear is backwards compatible with North upto 2018 models, so you can still buy your Duotone Trust bar and it'll still work with your North EVO for example. We're a Duotone Kites Pro centre and also a technical Competency Centre, proof our knowledge and skills with Duotone and North kiteboarding gear is unsurpassed. In addition we also hold a huge ammount of kitesurf spares to keep you on the water. Select from the premium products below, if in any doubt about the range please contact us, and we'll be happy to talk you through it.

Duotone Dice SLS 2022Best Seller
€1,585.66 Euro
Duotone Juice DLAB 2022Best Seller
€2,898.84 Euro
Duotone Neo SLS 2022Best Seller
€1,400.06 Euro
Duotone Vegas 2022
€1,518.44 Euro
Duotone Dice 2021Best Seller
£1,069.00  £908.65
Save: 15% off

 €1,054.03 Euro
Duotone EVO 2021
€1,402.44 Euro
Duotone EVO 2021 Summer Edition Colours
€1,263.24 Euro
Duotone Evo SLS 2021
€1,794.46 Euro
Duotone Juice 2021
€1,843.24 Euro
Duotone Mono 2021
€1,066.04 Euro
Duotone Neo 2021Best Seller
€1,678.46 Euro
Duotone Rebel 2021Best Seller
€1,425.64 Euro

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