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Naish 2023 Matador LT Wing-Surfer Wing

Price: £849.00  £499.21
Save: 41% off

(  €579.09 Euro )

4m available in Red or Grey
5m available in Blue, Red or Grey

The Matador LT enters its second generation with several technical detail and shaping upgrades. The LT remains compact, light weight and powerful. It is still targeted towards wing-foilers that want to use as small a wing as possible for the prevailing wind conditions, with a focus on riding swells and waves. It maintains the same outline and dihedral as the original with its slightly pointed leading edge at center and pronounced dihedral across the wingspan. But the new LT has more pre-load in its windowless canopy than its predecessor, creating even better “sheet-in-and-go” power with a more balanced and linear power delivery, less front hand pressure and vastly improved top end stability. This creates a wing that drives upwind well, even with heavy riders, then flags in neutral with amazing stability and balance for riding waves and swells and doing downwinders. The firm, rounded and ergonomic handles provide just the right amount of rigidity while still being soft to the touch. New rubber inlay grip-stripes make the handles even more comfortable and require less rider effort to hang on to . . . making them easy on the hands. Overall the new Matador LT is a light weight, easy handling, powerful wing with great flagging characteristics that provides exceptional riding for all skill levels.


- Enhanced Low End Power
- Even More Balance Between Front and Back Hand Pressure
- More Pre-Load for even better “sheet-in-and-go” power
- More Balanced and Linear Power Delivery
-Pronounced Dihedral for Great Flagging3 Firm Rounded Ergonomic Strap Handles
- Rubber Inlay Grip-Stripes on Handles (Added Comfort)Added Strut Dump Valve
- Windowless (Warning: limited visibility)Leading Edge Anti-Abrasion Patches
- Wrist Leash Included
- Bladder LockSure
- Lock Valve
- One Point Inflation System with 8 mm Hose
- HT Plus Seam


- Bag
- Wrist Leash

User rating: 5/5 5 of 5 Stars!
Manufacturer: Naish
Status: Available

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