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Shinn Foil Kitesurfing Jackson Board test Review

Having tried the P foil from Shinn this week we have come to understand that we are on the verge of something that will change the mainstream foil industry in the same way that the delta depower kite changed kitesurfing as a whole. It’s been in the hands of a few dealers now and the response is the unanimous.

– “Oh great” said one foil expert, rather sarcastically, “now any rider is going to be able to foil”
– “I feel like I have just wasted a year trying to learn on a traditional foil”

With the Model P it’s clear the rules have changed for anyone thinking of getting into the sport. Not only this but the Model P is unique – there is nothing like it on the market currently.

Back when we first taught kitesurfing, shortening kite lines brings more control but at a performance cost, so it is now when shortening the mast length for foiling. Yet re-deisgning a kite to have full depower (and huge range at all speeds) brings nothing but advantages to anyone under expert levels, and that is what we are dealing with when we talk of the Model P wing. All previous fudges to aid learning seem barbaric in the shadow of the Model P. It’s a huge step forward for the discipline.

We tested the P foil today back to back with a zeeko foil from last year.

It’s breathtaking –
game changing – Mark was right, and we think we’ll be using the P foil for most of our riding – plenty fast enough, responsive and to be honest, huge fun, but Stupendously easy, easy like riding a twin tip –
all the performance of foil but with all the twitchy nervous and unpredictable nature of kite foiling removed.
The new board is MILES better too!

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