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Bracklesham Boardriders Kitesurf Foil experts

So you want to foil with your kitesurf gear? Not sure where to start?
We’ve been testing, modifying and using many different types of kitesurf foil boards and foil kites over the past year so that we can provide you with unbiased and educated information to hep you suceed quickly and avoid costly mistakes. Just like kitesurfing, kite foiling has progressed rapidily throughout the past couple of years. Many different foil desgins, sizes and types exist on the market. We’ve found through exhaustive testing amoungst many kiters, that a short mast foil improves learning speed substantially, whilst also reducing risk of injury by a large percentage. For more information on kite foil gear please contact us or 01243 671777 or send us an email.
Check out our online selection of kitesurf foil equipment with some special offers on the the link below, we sell kite foils from F-ONE, SHINN, North, Zeeko and Moses.

Kitesurf foil equipment from UK kitesurf shop

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